18 Nov

Premium health product for China.

Manawa Ora

Premium health product for China

Medical Grade, Manuka Infused personal breathing air in a can

“For people that value their health and wellbeing, who love innovative products that provide an advantage.  Manawa Ora is a New Zealand company providing health and wellness through natural, exciting and innovative health, wellness and sporting products for personal use. Unlike other companies, our products combine leading edge innovation and the cultural health benefits of naturally sourced, local ingredients to give you a breath of life and true taste of New Zealand”

Manawa Ora Limited is in the business of creating innovative and sustainable health products.  Based in Whakatane, New Zealand, they partner with local producers to create premium products destined for the Asian market.

Medical Grade, Manuka Infused personal breathing air in a can

Your good health and wellness is important to us. We now offer our most advanced, premium product ever. The amazing combination of clean New Zealand medical grade breathing air, infused with 100% locally grown Manuka Essential Oils. Taste and smell the difference with each breath. For those wanting a taste of New Zealand combined with Manuka, for your health and the health of those you love. Perfect as a gift, or for your every day use in those places you find it un-healthy to breathe. Kiwi02 – here’s to your good health!

Why Manawa Ora Manuka Infused air is the most premium available: • Certified Medical Grade Air • Easy to use, take anywhere for personal use • Manuka essential oil infusion with wonderful aroma • Bottled in New Zealand at a leading-edge facility with precise quality control • Our advanced cans contain 16.8 litres of air, double that of others